Look Into Someone’s Eyes

Everything changes when you look in someone’s eyes. 

Regardless of your prejudices, your attitudes toward life, or your current sucky circumstances, generalizations are seldom reality.  Sometimes when my mind wanders to the worries of the world—like the truck of nuclear materials gone missing awhile ago in Mexico—I can get crazy.  But all I have to do is look in my husband’s eyes, and I know everything will be okay.

My husband, Mike, is a very special person. He grounds me, as I am prone to fly above the treetops.  Writers are like that—chasing the mysterious and looking for clues that will explain why people act the way they do.  He is kind and loving. Whenever we meet new people, it’s Mike they love, and for good reason.  He’s real.

So the next time you are prone to generalize about a culture, a people or just a group of out-of-control youths picketing in the street, take the time to stop and look in the eyes of at least one person before you draw a conclusion. A person’s actions are not always a true reflection of who they are. Neither is the way they dress, their country of origin, or the color of their skin. It’s the eyes. It’s all about the eyes because they are the windows to the soul.

Peace.  Rebecca

2 thoughts on “Look Into Someone’s Eyes

  1. So true! People are so quick to judge with what they see on the outside of people. Never stopping to consider the who and the why.

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