Penny Larkin, a 35-year old writer from El Paso, Texas struggles to meet her bills after her longtime boyfriend, Porter Jenkins, abandons her for a new job in China. To help relieve her financial distress, Penny enrolls in a class in controlled remote viewing—a psychic spying technique developed by the CIA. She hopes to reinvent herself as a consultant in law enforcement and dump her writing career. When El Paso County Sheriff Leo Tellez hires Penny to find a kidnapped eleven-year-old girl named Rosa Garcia, Penny soon realizes she may be hunting for a sexual predator and memories of a rape attempt as a teenager block her ability to view where the kidnapper is holding Rosa. Even though Penny can envision the world beyond her, she has a difficult time confronting her own past—a past so painful that it threatens to rob her of her new profession, even before it begins.


Devil Eye

Penny Larkin is hired by the US Marshals Service to track down low level gun trafficker Juan Rico and finds herself part of the weapons cargo on its way to Mexico.




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