What Does a NARCO-Terrorist Have to Do with Me?


In recent months, the number of heroin-related deaths in the United States has nearly quadrupled. Heroin is an opiate derived from morphine.  It takes nearly 1,000 poppies to produce one pound of raw opium, which means it’s harvested on the backs of farm workers and delivered to the U.S. by young men and women forced to work for the drug cartels or die. Users smoke, inject or snort it, and it is one of the most addictive drugs out there. When Heroin is injected into the blood stream, it finds a home in the brain stem, where automatic functions such as breathing are controlled. This is perhaps why there are so many overdoses. It appears that the Narco dealers of Central and South America, and even in countries like Afghanistan, are killing us with it.

We are so addicted that a community of heroin users is now glorifying their use of it on Instagram under the hashtag #junkieofig, or Junkies of Instagram. I’ve posted one in this blog. There is no indication that the illegal importation of drugs is slowing down even with the legalization of marijuana in some parts of the U.S.

AKA 47’s and other semi or automatic weapons may be shooting us in the streets, but Narco-terrorists are killing us softly with kindness.