New Name. Same Game.


Handcuffs, a boot, and some keys lay on the ground at the site where a criminal gang ambushed a police convoy near the town of Soyatlan, in the municipality of San Sebastián del Oeste, Tuesday, April 7, 2015. (Photo via AP)

One of the Deadliest Cartels Has Made Its Way onto the Stage

New Generation is a brand new drug cartel in Mexico and is growing stronger by the hour.  According to a story by The Washington Post, the cartel, operating out of Jalisco, Mexico, ambushed a convoy of state police, killing 15 and wounding five more. Twenty-one state police officers have been killed in the past three weeks.

Mexican government officials report that New Generation is operating in several Mexican states, and also have foreign underworld ties across the globe. New Generation makes its money in more than drug trafficking. It also sells guns, stolen gasoline, and adds income through extortion and kidnapping.

Source: The Washington Post, Joshua Partlow, April 9, 2015.

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